Maintenance and warranty MELLINI Real State

Real estate MELLINI presented with a series of functions and tasks that facilitate the purchase, sale and maintenance of buildings, maintenance, customer service, unique design, bank guarantee and price, organic materials, sightseeing and lawyers.

Real State Maintenance services

One of the key design concepts of our houses is minimal maintenance, are chosen from high quality materials and finished design to achieve this important goal.

Real Estate bank guarantee

A unique service. This special service protects you from the risks inherent in the acquisition of foreign properties, ensuring payments. In fact, the risks today are very scarce, but there's nothing like being quiet, so we offer this service.

After-sales Service

Services include rentals, garden maintenance, maintenance of the property, take care of your property in your absence and provide a service discount car rental, hotel reservations and flight booking services.

Ecological Materials

We are leaders in the use of green materials and energy efficient to build our houses. Soon introduce a range of villas such features at a price slightly higher than the standard price. You choose.

Exclusive Design

All houses designs can be unique, exclusive and customized according to your requirements. They are made for comfort, luxury and quality, according to the needs of modern life. The cost of this service shall not exceed the cost in the case of a villa belonging to the same dimensions as our standard range: In general, the cost of a house is determined by its size in square meters.


We are happy to work with your lawyer, preferably a local one, to make the purchase.

Guaranteed price

All prices are quoted in euros and include VAT. The price is fixed from the moment you make a deposit, and the term of the contract. Contracts are written in Spanish, and translated into a foreign language.

Guided Tours

We hope you want to visit our company in due time. We organize tours to Moraira at their convenience, from 2 to 4 days. Visits and travel dates are set to accommodate their plans. The fare is around £ 150 / person.